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ChaWuDu is importer and direct supplier of a unique selection of green teas, white teas, yellow teas, oolongs, black teas und pu erh. Our focus is on the home country of tea, China. We organize the teas annually fresh at the best harvest time and in very high quality. An efficient cost structure and direct contact with the producers enables us to offer the best prices and makes us the first address among tea enthusiasts and tea experts. You will also find background information on the following four main topics:

As each sort comes from a single producer or tea farmer, the teas may be subject to natural variations from year to year, depending on their origin and weather conditions. We love the variety of natural, traditionally produced teas. Teas of this quality are only available in limited quantities and for a certain period of time from the producer. Your advantages with ChaWuDu:

The quality

All our teas are guaranteed to come from the first flush (spring picking) or from the best harvest season for each variety. Especially with green teas, the highest qualities are only achieved at the beginning of the harvest period in March/April. We provide our customers with as much information as possible to assess the quality by means of detailed illustrations and descriptions. For a subjective assessment and for easy testing of the teas we offer small packages and tea assortments. You will find a unique selection of high quality teas from mostly small producers from different regions. All teas are 100% handmade. We work exclusively with producers who work sustainably and without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Each batch is checked for residues by an independent laboratory.

The freshness

Quality always includes freshness. Especially green tea varieties show their freshness by the strong colours of the tea leaves and the fresh smell. Anyone who has once enjoyed good, fresh tea will not want to drink any other tea. You can look forward to this experience with all our teas. High-quality teas are only available once a year at the beginning of the harvest period from the producers. After the teas have arrived at our premises, they are stored under optimal conditions, cool, airtightly packed and in large units until they are sold. The freshness and aroma are thus optimally preserved. You will find our current spring pickings in our shop from about July/August.

The prices

This brings us to the last and most important advantage for you. Because we buy directly from the producer in the growing regions without the involvement of middlemen and we pay attention to a lean and efficient cost structure in our sales, we can offer our customers very reasonable prices.
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