When are new teas available again?

We organice most of our teas at the beginning of each tea season between March and April. These are then usually available at the beginning of August. We also offer some very high quality grades, which we have delivered to us by air and can then usually be offered some time earlier. We will inform you about the arrival of teas via our .

Do you also offer organic teas?

Especially for small farmers who produce high tea qualities in small quantities, the administrative effort for certification is often unrealistic and beyond their means. This circumstance applies to most of our producers. In this way we can include regions and producers that are unreachable for the mass market in the selection of the best teas. Especially well-known varieties are often imitated and post-produced by large producers. This usually happens in completely different regions than where the tea variety actually comes from. The characteristics of each variety, however, are strongly associated with the cultivation conditions of the region.

We therefore offer teas from the home regions of each variety, with their very typical characteristics influenced by climate, plant species, plant age, altitude, production technology and soil conditions. We work exclusively with producers who rely entirely on alternative and sustainable cultivation methods. Our producers are among the pioneers in their region. Our aim is to support precisely these producers and thus to be able to offer our customers sustainably produced, regional varieties with their typical characteristics.

In addition, we offer teas with organic certification whenever possible. It is still important for us to give small producers from the regions a chance, as opposed to concentrating on a few large producers specialising in exports with the corresponding certifications.

Do you also have a retail store?

No, we offer teas exclusively online through our shop.

Do you offer discounts or special rates?

As a direct supplier, we offer our customers teas at very attractive prices. However, you will also find discounts depending on the respective package size. In addition, depending on the order total, a quantity discount is automatically added to your shopping cart (see table). Our shipping costs are also discounted up to free shipping. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get an overview of our teas and find the right teas for themselves. For this purpose, we offer all tea assortments at discounted prices.

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