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Green Tea Artworks
In China, tea artwork (Gong Yi Cha) is a special kind of tea, which is produced by handcrafting green tea, very rarely black tea, with different flowers. For many German tea drinkers, the art tea "Mu Dan" tea rose (peony) is already a household name: delicate green tea leaves are bound together to form a rose shape. The blossoming of the dry tea rose when infused with hot water is a special treat for the eye. The excellent quality of the green tea becomes almost a secondary matter. Now new creations of these green tea specialities are coming from the land of green tea, which put "Mu Dan" far in the shade in terms of beauty and colourfulness. These new creations are produced in the Huang Shan region (Yellow Mountain), one of the most beautiful and important tea growing regions in China. The famous "Huang Shan Mao Feng" is used as raw material - next to Lung Ching and Pi Lo Chun the best Chinese green tea. The best spring pickings between the end of March and the beginning of April are tied together with twine threads to form shapes such as cone, ball or peach. In the bundles are hidden flowers like chrysanthemum, ball amaranth, jasmine or even carnation. Both the green tea and the tea containers are 100% handmade. When infused (see below) the tea containers literally blossom out. Only now are the flowers released from their hiding place for viewing - an absolutely fascinating spectacle. The fine flowery taste of "Huang Shan Mao Feng" then rounds off the unique tea experience. A must for every tea lover, but also ideal as a gift idea.
In Germany only a few are known of this tea variety. The best known is the "Mu Dan" peony, in which there are no hidden flowers at all. Here you get an overview of the most beautiful art teas from the Huang Shan region. The following table shows the Chinese name with the German translation and the information about the flowers in the left column, the dry appearance in the middle column and the infused tea in the right column.
Jin Shang Tian Hua
Flowers on silk brocade
Zhu Mei Xue Lian
Quince - Snow lotus
Ornamental quinces
Bai Hua Qi Fang
One hundred flowers no. 1
Ball amaranth, ornamental quinces
identical with Zhu Mei Xue Lian
Bai Hua Zheng Yan
One hundred flowers no. 2
Ball amaranth, decorative quince, chrysanthemum
identical with Zhu Mei Xue Lian
Jin Yu Man Tang
Gold and Jade
calendula, ball amaranth, chrysanthemum
Dong Fang Ming Zhu
Oriental Pearls
Lily, Jasmine
identical with Zhu Mei Xue Lian
Mo Li Hua Lan
Jasmine Bouquet
jasmine, ball amaranth, chrysanthemum
identical with Jin Yu Man Tang
Wan Zi Qian Hong
Bright colours
identical with Jin Yu Man Tang
Dong Fang Mei Ren
Oriental Beauty
Jasmine, Chrysanthemum. Not to be confused with the Dong Fang Mei Ren of the same name from Taiwan or Fujian/China.
Qian Xi Hong
Millennium Red
Ball amaranth
identical with Zhu Mei Xue Lian
Hua Kai Ji Xiang
Lucky Blossom
Lily, ball amaranth
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