Brief instructions for tea preparation

With the exception of oolong, where oolong preparation should be preferred, all other teas can be prepared in a similar way:
  • It is best to use a glass jug for the infusion. A filter device is not necessary. The glass pot has the advantage that you can watch the tea leaves rise, which is a pleasure to the eye with high-quality green or white teas.
  • The dosage depends on the tea varieties and personal preferences.
  • A black or white tea should be infused with boiling water. A green tea can also be infused with 70°C hot water. Soft water with a pH value in the weakly acidic range is best.
  • The infusion time should not exceed 3 minutes for most green tea varieties. The high-quality white tea "Yinzhen" can be steeped for up to 10 minutes. The black tea is somewhere in between, again depending on personal preferences.
  • To serve, pour the infusion through a filter into a second pot. A Chinese porcelain pot or a clay pot from Yixing.
  • Very important when serving high quality green tea: Do not serve anything sweet with it. The delicate, pleasant taste of the green tea is lost with the sweetness. The green tea only tastes bitter.
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