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Ying De

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Aromatic black tea of high quality from the southern edge of the Wuling Mountains. Has a sweet, fruity flavor, slightly reminiscent of peach. Develops evenly and can be infused several times.
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Yingde / Guangdong / China

Recommendation for the preparation:
12 g / litre >4 min. 95 ℃

Western preparation: 95 degree (>4 min.). Becomes increasingly stronger/aromatic with longer brewing time.
Chinesische Zubereitung: Watering at 100 degree, 40s, 60s, 180s ...

Harvest time:

Mid to late April 2022 (spring harvest).

Volume discount:

You will receive a discount of up to 10 percent on the purchase of our teas. Details can be found here.

Special characteristics:

Ying De is a local tea variety that takes its name from the nearby town of Yingde, on the southern edge of the Wuling Mountains. The tea is cultivated by villagers on the slopes of the Wuling Mountains and is considered a local specialty. Before 1959, the variety was continuously improved by selection by village farmers and has since become one of the best black teas in the region. Even in Hong Kong, not far away, Ying De gained attention among the English and their way of drinking tea. Because of its particular sweet/honey, fruity flavor, the English quickly favored this much higher quality tea over their varieties from Assam. (Recipe, for an English preparation: pour 5g Ying De with 200ml boiling water, 50ml milk, 8g white sugar).
For the production, the leaves need a length of about 4 cm. Due to the altitude and the subtropical, warm climate, there is a time window for the harvest of only about 2 weeks. The leaves are rolled lengthwise by hand and thus obtain the typical, needle-shaped, slightly scrolled form with a firm structure. In terms of taste, the tea stands out for its sweet, slightly honeyed character. In addition, there are fruity nuances, slightly reminiscent of peach. The aroma develops slowly at first until the moment when the rolled tips open. With the Chinese infusion method, one should experiment a little in order to catch the right moment in time, especially between the first and subsequent infusions. The easiest way to do this is certainly with a single or even two longer infusions. (see western method).

Production and packaging:

Packaging sizes

100% handmade. We get this tea directly from small producers and tea farmers in China. The tea is grown and processed in a traditional way. Such high qualities are usually produced by the tea farmers only for the local Chinese market. Therefore we are regularly on site with the producers. The direct contact to the tea farmers enables us to offer very reasonable prices with outstanding tea quality. All our teas are checked for pesticide residues by an independent laboratory. We deliver the tea in re-sealable and aroma-safe stand-up pouches made of ALU/PE.

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